***Grail Hunter #1 LIVE ON KICKSTARTER NOW!!!***


Galahad's Comics was founded on the idea of focusing on promoting and featuring creator owned comic books. In modern comic creation culture, maybe the most commonly used tool is Kickstarter. This is a platform that allows creators to get their projects "backed". Through the generous contributions of others these comics are made. In return, the people who backed the project get that book first! Sometimes their are even bonus rewards. While I wish I could back them all, I try to give back where I can to the awesome people who make these books. Here are a few links to Kickstarters I'm actively backing or promoting. Check them out and give if you able.   

If you have a comic on Kickstarter or If you know someone who does, please feel free to contact me about backing it or promoting it on my site. 



Ryan Kincaid's Persuasion #3!