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Origin Story

Thank you for visiting Galahad's Comics. I'm the owner, Trevor Brown. If your reading this now then your interested in hearing the origin of the shop. I used to be a mild mannered comic book loving nerd until I was struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration! 

With the cancelation of all the conventions in 2020, I saw my artist and creator friends struggling financially. I learned just how much exposure they get to their creator owned projects at cons. I felt compelled to do something for these talented people in the comic book industry who had given so much of themselves to their fans. Sadly I myself was not in a well off financial state, so I couldn’t do it by buying a convention's worth of their works.

Reflecting on what I could actually accomplish, I had an idea to start a company that EXCLUSIVELY sold creator owned comics. The collector in me thought of a way to make it even more exclusive, making the print runs extremely low and getting top tier artists in the industry to create variant covers that would not only showcase their incredible talent but also have an overarching theme amongst them all. This led me to incorporate one of my other passions, video games.
Now this may be a “niche within a niche” as it’s been described, but I am fortunate enough that many people have liked the idea just as much as I did.
When buying my books, always remember that you are also supporting these independent artists and creators. The majority of what Galahad’s Comics makes goes into paying the next creator I want to feature.
If you can’t buy or are not interested in my covers but still want to help out an artist or creator you're a fan of, feel free to contact me and I can try to bring awareness of their Kickstarter or other projects.